Project Name Professors
“The scientific basis on State language policy of Mongolia” Ch. Zegiimaa
“National and international languages in the era of globalization: Russian and Mongolian” Ch. Zegiimaa
 “One-stop –service” Sh. Batrdene
“Satellite communications, complex center of national satellite and surveillance” Sh. Batrdene
“To assembly wireless communications facilities of digital technology and equipment, needed for Mongolian military and civilian operations “ Sh. Batrdene
“Issue on the research and innovation to assembly equipment and wireless communications facilities of digital technology” Sh. Batrdene
“To develop integrated information system management, the quality control and analysis of the food product” Sh. Batrdene
“Gender perspective of contemporary Mongolian and Kalmyk: Language and culture studies” J. Togtokh
English Laboratory /English Language Lab/ D. Narmandakh
Implemented by the European Union, Erasmus +
International project
Student Credit Mobility Program
Staff Mobility Program
D. Narmandakh