The Graduate University of Mongolia is the highest-ranking, research-intensive university to sustain a vibrant academic community with a strong research profile, working across disciplines with international partners to find solutions to global challenges. The university is committed to critical and interdisciplinary perspectives, encouraging intellectual interaction with other research institutions. The Graduate University of Mongolia engages with peer institutions, governments, policy makers to translate the results of its research for benefit of society.

International Relations

• Newcastle University
• University of Sydney
• Indiana University
• University of Kansas
• California State University
• Zarem Gold ORT Technical Institute
• Pacific States University
• Brigham Young University
• University of Alaska Anchourage
• Consortium for Language Policy and Planning
• Bradford University
• National Sun Yat-Sen University
• “Network Technology” Joint Ventures in Russian and Taipei Federation
• Inner Mongolian University of Finance and Economics
• Royal Roads University
• East Kazakstan State University
• State Institute of Russian Language named after A.S. Pushkin
• National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics,
St. Petersburg
• “Network Technology” Joint Ventures in Russian and Taipei Federation
• “Center-Inform” Public Federal Industry
• Kalmik State University
• Russian State University for the Humanities
• Russian Foundation for the Humanities
• Institute of Language and Literature, the Russian Academy of Sciences
• Institute for Eastern Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences
• Mokpo National University
• Sol-Bridge International School of Business, Woosong University
• Middle East Technical University (METU)
    New Zealand
• TTT /Teacher Training Transfer/
• Nagoya University
• Soka University
• Tokyo Gakugei University
• Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
• Kokugakuin University Hokkaido Junior College
• Shiga University
• Showa Women’s University
• English Language Institute
• American Center for Mongolian Studies
• Public Affairs Department, USA Embassy in Ulaanbaatar
• Deseret International Charities
• Inlingua International Center in Mongolia, Center for English Language Program Accreditation /CELPA/
• Peace Corpus
• Austraining International
• Australian Trade Commission
• Volunteer Service Organization /VSO/
• “Empathy World” LLC
• Representative Office in Mongolia, Asian Development Bank
• Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation
• Government Implementation Agency of Land Management, Geodesy and Cartography
• Railway of Mongolia
• Mongolian Labor Union
• Mongolian National Public Radio and Television
• Institute of Mongolian Human Resource Management
• Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• Mongolian Academy of Diplomacy
• Research Center for Mongolian Economy and Law
• MIAT Mongolian Airlines
• “Mongolian Advocates” Law Firm
• “Mass” TV
• “Has” Bank
• National Academy for Language Policy
• “ETV” Broadcasting

Honorary Doctorates