Ph.D., Sc.D., Prof. Zegiimaa Choidon

Greetings from the President

Welcome to Mongolia’s first research university, which exclusively runs the scientific research and graduate programs.
In the XXI century, with a growing need to address the globally emerging problems, to find the ways to provide the sustainable development in the world the role of the research universities has been vital.

Therefore, as a university that has many years of experience in graduate education and scientific research in the field of social science and humanities, the GUM is particularly paying an attention to prepare globally competitive graduates with the convertible skill to conduct the advanced academic research in interdisciplinary approaches keeping pace with the trends of global development.

GUM conducts eight doctoral, seventeen master’s degree programs and eleven advanced, intensive programs for the graduates of undergraduate studies.

Among the 8000 graduates from both Mongolia and overseas, there are pioneers in their respective scientific disciplines, recognized scholars, honorary workers of Mongolia, leaders in all sectors of the society, that make us proud of them.  Our achievement is the result of the close cooperation of our students who have the high intellectual potential and desire to educate themselves and the uppermost, experienced professors.

The GUM works to develop the international collaboration, to extend the joint projects and programs and to create a pleasant environment for its international students.

Our university is located right in the heart of Ulaanbaatar and its door is open to everybody who values education.

Thank you for visiting our GUM website and wish you all the best.
President                          Ph.D., Sc.D., Prof. Zegiimaa Ch.