School of Advanced Study organized “The Thanksgiving” annual speech contest among first-year, bachelor course students of English translation on 25 November, 2017.

In teams, all classes competed by singing, dancing and giving impassioned speeches about Thanksgiving to the audience. Held in two stages, the contest aimed at introducing learners to the culture of America and promoting their English-speaking presentation and team work skills. English instructors D. Narmandakh, Ts. Agiimaa, Abigail Rigdon, Elise Scanlon and A. Bulgaa judged the contest.

English translation Group 2 won first place and Group 3 won second place and every student who took part in the contest was awarded a Certificate of Participation.1st year 1 1st year 2 1st year 3 1st year 4 1st year 5 1st year 6 1st year 7 1st year 8 1st year 9 1st year 10